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Naruto ch. 433

11「-ナルト-」Chapter 433: Sage Technique Failure…!?

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Summary: Naruto’s sage mode has now run out due to his usage of the fuuton rasen shuriken and while he gets a breather, Shima suggests that she and Fukasaku go on and fuse with Naruto’s body, in order to prolong the sage mode. Fukasaku says that it is impossible, due to the Kyuubi’s chakra conflicting with their own, rejecting them out of his body. He does say that Naruto has figured out a way to overcome this disadvantage and told her that they will be doing that instead. God Realm Pain sees this opening and takes the opportunity to attack Naruto while he recuperates. Before Pain reaches Naruto however, Gamabunta stalls him by attacking him with his sword. Naruto takes the opportunity to take the giant scroll off his back, getting himself ready for the battle.

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Toradora! Ep. 16

1-copy「 とらドラ! 」Episode 16: One Step Forward

Summary: Kitamura is not budging and still insists that he has no interest in running for student council president, even though everyone is trying to get him to change his mind. Taiga and Ryuuji’s plan of terrorizing the school into submission has no effect on him, much to the dismay of the school. With the deadline for candidacy drawing closer, the duo rack their brains trying to figure out a plan B. That same night, Ryuuji receives a call from Murase, who happens to be on the student council. Murase seems to think that Kitamura is indifferent due to the fact that the current president Kano will be moving to America in the next few days. Realizing this, Ryuuji immediately runs out to find Kitamura, planning to beat some sense into him.

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Bakuman Page 22

wgesd「バクマン」Page 22: Nuisance And Youth 

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Summary: The chapter picks off exactly where the last ended, with Saiko calling Shujin to inform him that he accepted the offer to work as Eiji Niizuma’s assistant for the summer. Shujin seemed somewhat surprised after hearing that it was for Niizuma, but then apologizes and promises that he will be back with a good name by the end of summer. Miyoshi found it a bit odd that Shujin was allowing Saiko to work for someone else, seeing as they were partners. Shujin agrees with Saiko however, stating that rather than have him do nothing while he comes up with a good name, he would be better off gaining experience somewhere else. Miyoshi worries that she might be a nuisance to the duo’s dreams but Shujin reassures her that she was not in their way.

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RIDEBACK Ep. 01 [Series Premiere]


Series Details – 「 RIDEBACK -ライドバック- (The Official Japanese Website) 」   

Studio: Madhouse   |   Genre: Mecha/Science Fiction   |   Episodes: 12 (scheduled)

1「 ライドバック 」Episode 01: Scarlet Rideback

Summary: Set in 2020, Rideback takes place during a future where a resistance movement, called the GGP, has taken control over the world. By using a new advanced weapon they developed, they were able to overpower the previous government with ease, as the difference in strength between the group and the government were comparable to an elephant fighting an ant.  Due to this incident, several problems arose from the incident, as restlessness and conflict can be seen in the world. None of this matters however to a certain Ogata Rin, the protagonist of this story. She is in the middle of her biggest ballet performance of her life. It also potentially proves to be her last as she suffers a severe ligament injury to her left ankle, stopping her short of her dream to surpass her deceased mother and become the best dancer in the world. After a childhood in which she idolizes and trains under close tutelage of her mother, everything changes for her due to this.

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Eyeshield 21 313th Down

fewf「 アイシールド21 」313th Down: Ambition

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Summary: The results from the first round matches have finally been updated on the World Cup website and the team matchups in the second round are:

  • France VS Germany
  • Japan VS Militaria
  • Mexico VS Korea
  • India VS USA

After Agon’s shenanigans during the first match, the team is worried that he might intervene with the team line-up once more for his own gain. Hiruma knows this but he sees Agon as a very important piece to the team therefore they should get him to cooperate with them willingly rather than have him as an outcast. Agon seems to have other plans however as Sena and Suzuna see him sneak off somewhere to meet a girl. The two were suspicious of his actions and decided that they should do some snooping of their own and follow him, with Suzuna comparing themselves to famous detective manga characters Detective Conan and Kindaichi (which Sena found to be odd as usual =P)

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Bakuman Page 21

ewfewfvvv「バクマン」Page 21: A Wall and a Kiss 

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Summary: The chapter starts off in mid-July, towards the end of the semester. With the exams over, there is little left to do at school as there are only petty things (to Shujin and Mashiro at least) remaining, such as Sports day. This is where we see the duo, sitting in the corner of a gym chatting away about how much sports day sucks and how little drawings and names can be done since they are not at their desks. Shujin is pretty surprised at how highly the two are regarded in the editorial department, even though they know that there are at least 15 other mangakas who are easily above them in the pecking order. At the same time, Miyoshi is whooping Class 1’s ass in volleyball. The match finally ends and after a perverted comment from Shujin (to which he gets smacked on the head by Miysohi), Miyoshi informs the two that that Azuki was able to get a tiny blurb in a magazine. In reality, Miyoshi only told them this so she can follow them to the studio after school, promising Mashiro that he will be able to see the blurb once they were there.

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Toradora! Ep. 15

4twge「 とらドラ! 」Episode 15: The Stars Are Far Away

Summary: Something seems to be bothering Kitamura and he has been acting a little off lately. With the upcoming presidential elections coming soon, he erupts in anger in the middle of a class discussion, refusing to run for the position and declaring that he’s quitting the student council, even though everyone thought that he was a shoo-in for the spot. The very next day, things turn for the worse as Kitamura is seen in front of the school causing a ruckus, with his new blonde hairdo. The teachers hold him in the interview room trying to calm him down and figure out why he’s been acting weird. Ryuuji’s homeroom teacher, Ms. Koigakubo, tries to get to the bottom of this and enlists the help of Kitamura’s closest friends, Ami, Ryuuji and Kano (the student council president). Ami and Ryuuji had no idea what has gotten into him. Kano also denies knowing the cause, adding that since Kitamurahas resigned from the council, she has nothing to do with him anymore. Something seemed wrong with the way Kano acted, as she also says that the teachers were “wasting their time on that idiot”.

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