Eyeshield 21 314th + 315th Down

untitleed-1「 アイシールド21 」314th Down: I Love American Football 

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3rw「 アイシールド21 」315th Down: Pentagram

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#314 Summary: After Sena’s touchdown run which ended the last chapter, everything is flowing very smoothly for Japan. They are virtually unstoppable, as the Militaria soon find out. Gomery boasts that offense is the key point of Militaria’s game, and that they were going to win the game thanks to his superior build and speed. Hearing Gomery’s stats, Japan realizes that he is no match for the team, as he is still vastly inferior to their own aces. Showing them the speed of Shin and the power of Gaou in defense, Militaria soon realize that even with their Sergeant running on offense, they were still incapable of defeating Japan.


Gomery, who doesn’t believe that he can be stopped, proceeds with his plan and launches what he had dubbed the “Missile Run”. Agon, who is still fuming after having his hair shaven, schemes up a plan with Gaou, which Gaou rejected instantly as it did not fit into his mindset. Hearing this, Agon gets angry and a funny little sideplot occurs between the two, with Gomery receiving the bad end of it. Eventually the game ends in Japan’s favor, 77-0. Sena wrecked havoc thoughout the match, as pathways opened up for him everywhere whenever he goes on a run, thanks to his all-star teammates. Seeing how easy things are going, he seems to be very disappointed at the level of competition, as he is unable to find further motivation to get excited about the game.


Without wasting much time, things are then focused on Japan’s next match against Germany in the semi-finals. With the match tied at 17-17, it seems that Japan had found a formidable opponent on the way to the finals. Sena is now face-to-face with Heinrich, a NFL Europa MVP linebacker with the same 4.2 second 40-yard dash as himself. Sena has finally against an opponent worth getting excited over and regains his motivation. With his enthusiasm at an all-time high, Sena goes on to defeat Heinrich, through moves that Sena had developed instinctually throughout his playing career. Realizing that he cannot stop Sena, Heinrich concedes defeat, as does Germany with a final scoreline of 34-24.


#315 Summary: Japan are now safely through to the finals, where they will face with the reigning world champions America. The manga introduces us to Arnold Oberman, the new president-elect of the US, who has been watching the proceedings of the tournament. As the most muscular president in America’s history, he is seen as the perfect symbol to “Strong America”. The American ace players then come out to welcome Japan to the finals, with Bud (who sees himself as the symbol for “Strong America”) making a dramatic entrance on helicopter, complete with fireworks and explosions. This seems to fit his image perfectly, as it is then revealed that he is also an actor along with being an American Football player.


Intimidating the Japanese, Clifford (the QB of the USA) releases a powerful pass from the upper-regions of the stands, aiming directly to where Japan’s power players were gathering. Showing off his catching prowess, Bud jumps into the massive crowd and catches the ball with ease, showing his agility and strength in traffic in the process, surprising the Japanese. Even though his body is quite slender, Bud is actually pretty muscular and strong. Not giving into their intimidation, Monta steals the ball off Bud without him realizing, stating that he will become the number one receiver after he defeats Bud in the finals. Interested in the American aces, Gaou asks whether within this group lies a powerful linemen, which Bud answers to be true.

The US aces are called the Pentagram, as they consists of 5 players in each of the key positions:

  • Patrick Spencer – Running Back
  • Clifford Harris – Quarterback
  • Bud Walker – Cornerback
  • Tatanka – Linebacker
  • Mr Don – Lineman


Determined to see how he stacks up to the Pentagram, 8Sena tests his progress once more long after everyone had left the stadium. With the help of Shin, Riku and Yamato, Sena goes on another 40-yard dash, with a new explosive running style emerging from his determination. The results of this new style astonishes the players, with his stats being held back for the next chapter. The very next day, during a press conference, it is revealed that Mr. Don (the ringleader of the American Pentagram), happens to be the son of the president himself. The president secretly hopes that someone is able to stop his son, as he himself isn’t able to do it as the father.

Gaou, who has found himself a new and potentially greater rival in the form of Mr. Don (real name Donald Oberman), goes on to confront him in his own limousine. Punching straight through the car’s windows, he grabs onto Mr. Don and requests that the two have a one-on-one battle before the match (much like the duel he had with Chuubou). Mr. Don (revealed by Gaou as the strongest lineman in the world) is finally shown, with his appearance being similar to Gaou in stature. He is a very big and strong fellow, with blonde hair and goatee, and similar facial features as his father. He also sports a tribal tattoo on the side of his face, and is a very intimidating figure in every manner. This sets everything up for the next chapter, as Mr. Don agrees to the duel, stating that he is sad that someone who is lacking strength is challenging him. 


My 2-Cents: I was quite surprised at how 314 was handled, in that the mangaka chose to speed through two teams all through the one chapter. I just found it odd how the mangaka had sort of given us looks at the Militaria as well as Germany and sort of hype up their ace characters as being obstacles that Sena and co. had to overcome. After 314, it was easy to see that they were mere fodder to help Sena find his enthusiasm once more. I had high hopes for the Germany ace Heinrich since other than the US team, none of the others had as much development as they did. With his analytical ability, I would have thought that he would be tough to defeat and that the match might have even spanned a chapter at the very least. Turns out he was only there for half a chapter. He was a very capable player though, boasting a 4.2 run. It was just unlucky that Japan had Sena and to be fair, it was a pretty close defeat.

The humor was still great though, the writing still is fresh and funny after all this time. That little side banter between Agon and Gaou was epic. When an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, this is what we get (that was such an epic Joker quote). The two ended up teaming up together and as an opponent, that is the last thing that you would ever want. Also that bit where Gomery shows off his stats to intimidate Japan, the reaction was classic. Those stats may be good against other teams, but against Gaou, Shin, Yamato and Sena, those stats are just mediocre.

In the face of Japan, no other team in world can stand a chance judging by this chapter. There are too many great individual players in the team and now that Agon is committed to the cause, no obstacle outside of the US can stand in their way. And that is where the fun begins, starting with chapter 315. In this chapter, we finally see the aces of America and they look pretty damn strong indeed. With all of their players being the best in the world in their respective positions, this is gonna be an uphill battle. Outside of the pentagram, I am willing to bet that the rest of the squad lies some very talented role players, some of whom might be playing a big role in the battle.

Bud is an interesting fellow, a stereotypical hollywood actor with a resemblance to Brad Pitt somewhat. I was quite surprised to see him categorized as the CB, as I thought that he would at least be the WR or something. Maybe he plays both positions? Unlikely since I’m sure they would want to keep their players fresh for each down. We saw a bit of Clifford’s abilities as well, and he seems to be a player who has a powerful and accurate throw. I’m guessing that he is a very able gambler and strategist as well (much like Hiruma), perhaps with some good skills on his feet to avoid to sack. Of course, we all know about Panther. Now equipped with a 4.1 run, he will be quite a handful for Shin. That is a matchup I’m dying to see, since Panther now has had more experience since the last time they faced off.

We didn’t get much info on Tatanka but we probably will within the next two chapters, as he will be the one that Sena will face most often. Donald Oberman is possibly the most intimidating person next to Gaou. With the spiky blonde hair, goatee and tattoo on the side of his face, I can see how even his dad and the rest of the team fear and respect him as their leader. Looking at that face, you would never have guessed that the dude is 18. I mean come on, he looks like he’s pushing 40. And what’s with the black fingernails? He doesn’t look like the type to be rocking that, so it was pretty funny to see it on him.

I hope we get more character development in the coming weeks, especially before the match. I’d like to see more of the characters and get a feel for who they are before they set foot on the field. I feel that this arc has been a bit rush, which may or may not be due to the editor (maybe). Now that we’re at the real battle, I hope all that fast-forwarding is well worth it. Hopefully the match can span a significant amount of chapters, maybe a whole volume seeing as this might be the finale of this great series (unless we actually see Sena’s exploits in the NFL, which would just be going too far).


The latest chapter ended on a great cliffhanger, and anticipation on my part is very high for the coming week. Hopefully Gaou doesn’t get into too much deep trouble otherwise Japan will be in a massive disadvantage for the match.


  • Enjoyment of Chapter #314: 7.5/10
  • Enjoyment of Chapter #315: 8.5/10
  • Anticipation for Next Chapter: 9/10

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  1. 1 Paul Oliver C. Reyes March 7, 2009 at 11:27 PM

    This story portraits the real love of AMERICAN FOOTBALL.I’m not a player of football I love the game.The game determines who’s the strongest,fastest and smartest.

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