Naruto ch. 436

1「-ナルト-」Chapter 436: Peace

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Summary: Picking up from last week, Inoichi has suddenly figured out where the real Pain might be hiding this whole time. He points out that during his investigation of Jiraiya’s captives, he found out that the Amagakure Ninjas had been transporting corpses to the highest tower in the village. Through his knowledge and experience of chakra channeling, he knows that in order for a ninja to transmit chakra at it’s best, it’s ideal for them to be as close to the recipient as possible. It’s also best if they were taking cover at higher grounds. There were rumors that Pain had been residing at that tall tower in Amagakure, so it is safe to assume that the real Pain would be channeling his chakra somewhere in or around Konoha, at the tallest point. With this new info, Inoichi, along with Shikamaru, Shikaku, Ino and Shiho, set off to find Pain in the surrounding area.


The focus now falls back on Naruto, as we see that both his hands are still firmly hammered into the ground. Pain takes the opportunity to talk to Naruto, revealing his ideals and goals. Pain states that his goal is something that even Jiraiya was not able to accomplish: bringing peace to the world through justice. Naruto loses his cool after hearing this, saying that everything Pain had done is not true justice, as he had lost his master, teachers, friends and village due to his actions.


Pain responds by asking Naruto what he wanted, to which Naruto answers that he wants to defeat Pain and bring justice to the Ninja world. Pain thinks that it is wonderful that they both share the same goals. However, as did Naruto, Pain had lost everything that was dear to him due to war. His friends, family and village too were destroyed. He does not find it fair that only Konoha is able to prosper while other villages suffered. He goes on to explain that Konoha and the land of fire has grown too big. The great nations need to create war in order for it’s inhabitants to survive, as they would be low on money and resources without war. Due to this, the smaller nations suffer as their villages tend to be the battlegrounds for these skirmishes. 


Hearing Pain’s reasoning, Naruto seems to have calmed down, looking somewhat saddened at the reality that he heard. Pain continues by saying that they both know true pain. They were both aiming for justice through revenge. However, if justice is driven by revenge, justice will only in return breed even more vengeance, creating a “Chain of Hatred”. Naruto recalls Jiraiya speaking of the same thing during his 3 years of training.


Pain asks Naruto how he would attempt to tackle this problem, with Naruto finding no possible way to stop the chain. Pain created Akatsuki in order to stop this path, with the help of the bijuus. He will create an ultimate weapon capable of destroying a single nation in one motion. With this, the world will know true pain and through fear, wars will stop and peace will descent onto the world. Naruto retorts by saying that it was not true peace, as it would be nothing more than a lie. Pain backs his ideas up by saying that there would be no peace if it was not done. By doing this, he would be able to create momentary peace, before people would inevitably start fighting amongst themselves once more. The weapon would then be used again by human hands, and the ensuing fear will create yet another moment of peace. Pain concludes by saying that these short periods of peace is what he is aiming for, to stop the chain of hatred long enough for a short lapse in the order. That is his wish, as he sees no other method that would be able to create such an opportunity.


The scene changes to reveal the true Pain, Nagato, resuming the talk. He seems to be in a cave, with Konan by his side. He looks to be in horrible shape, as his body is strikingly skinny, with black rods sticking out of his back, reinforced by some sort of concrete T-bracing. Only his upper body seems to be human, as his lower half seems to be encased in a spider-like mechanism, with 6 limbs acting as legs. Konan requests that Nagato doesn’t push himself too much, as he was already at his chakra limit. Spouting out blood, Nagato says that he can now envision peace.


My 2-Cents: For a chapter that was very text heavy, I quite enjoyed this week’s installment. It seemed like something very important or significant was being revealed on each page and I found myself excited to find out what else Pain had to say to Naruto. This chapter manages to add even more development to Pain’s character and I’m starting to really grow quite fond of him. He had always been a badass from the start and hearing about his goals and ideals this chapter made me feel more sympathy to his character. Of course, I don’t condone his actions because his way of doing things is ultimately the wrong method, at least not in an idealistic world. It would be viable in a world where there is no hope (much like Naruto’s world) so I suppose this is a matter of opinion. I can probably say that he is the Danzou to Naruto’s Sarutobi, in that they both are aiming for the greater good, albeit in very different ways.

The fact that Naruto too seems to realize this is very cool in a way. The way his expression is set through the whole chapter speaks volumes to me, as he realizes that he might have been a bit too naive on his outlook to life. Looking at reality face to face, he is forced to grow up and think about the world in a more mature way, much like the way his predecessors have. I’m really anxious to see how he takes the news next week, after realizing that Pain is also aiming for the same thing, with an actual means of getting there rather than blindly moving forward. Will he succumb to Pain or will he fight for his own path? Knowing the old Naruto, he would pretty much just shout out and reject Pain, with his usual “I don’t go back on my word. It’s my ninja way!” I would definitely like to see that, since it would be interesting to see how he does eventually set off to bring peace to the world, fulfilling that prophecy Jiraiya passed on.


Finally seeing the true Nagato was also awesome, as it’s been way too long before we actually see the man himself. I kinda half expected that he would be somewhat fragile and crippled looking, since he is making others do his bidding. To see him all skinny, with rods everywhere and that mechanism as legs was pretty shocking though. At first glance, you would have never thought that this pathetic looking dude is able to destroy a whole village on his own. He does somehwat resemble Orochimaru alot (especially during Oro’s time on his deathbed, as he also had that tired and pale looking face, along with the long hair). I guess it really was the only way to go, as Nagato did have some of the same features as Oro aesthetically when we saw him as a kid. Seeing him at his limits at the end also shows that he too is human, even if the suffering that he goes through isn’t actually apparent in the Pain that he controls.

Now that the gang is off to find Nagato, I can’t wait to see what their reaction is after seeing Nagato. I think that they will probably not get to him in time, as I would feel that Konan is more than able to stall them all, since she is still at full strength and the gang being injured from the Shinra Tensei blast. That would probably give Nagato just enough time to retreat, with or without Naruto depending on how much further his condition deteriorates. Even though Konan had stopped using the origami scouting/spying jutsu, she should still be able to detect them arriving early enough to stop them.


Seeing that scene where Konoha is shown after the blast, I can’t help but wonder what happened to all of Konoha’s inhabitants. That blast seemed to have taken out at least 80% of the village so the casualty toll must be very high, even with the help of Tsunade and Katsuya. It also makes me think about how Sasuke would react, since he is aiming to destroy Konoha as well. Looking at the job that Pain had done, I don’t think that Sasuke could even come close to that, unless he has the help of some bijuus. That is definitely something else to look forward to.

Thinking about everything that is left unexplained, I think that Naruto is going to be very good in 2009. The escape of the 8-tails, Taka and Madara’s Konoha plot, the rescue team from the Raikage, Kabuto’s new powers, Danzou’s attempt at the Hokage seat, Naruto’s hidden gift from Itachi as well as many other possible plot paths are definitely going to make the manga very interesting to follow. I sure hope that Kishi manages close every single gap down, I would hate for the series to end on a few loose ends. Juggling all that would be a very tough task.



  • Enjoyment of Chapter: 8.5/10
  • Anticipation for Next Chapter: 9.5/10

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  1. 1 naruto cursor March 4, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    The mystery is very evident in this manga episode. It is very interesting.

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