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Toradora! Ep. 16

1-copy「 とらドラ! 」Episode 16: One Step Forward

Summary: Kitamura is not budging and still insists that he has no interest in running for student council president, even though everyone is trying to get him to change his mind. Taiga and Ryuuji’s plan of terrorizing the school into submission has no effect on him, much to the dismay of the school. With the deadline for candidacy drawing closer, the duo rack their brains trying to figure out a plan B. That same night, Ryuuji receives a call from Murase, who happens to be on the student council. Murase seems to think that Kitamura is indifferent due to the fact that the current president Kano will be moving to America in the next few days. Realizing this, Ryuuji immediately runs out to find Kitamura, planning to beat some sense into him.

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Toradora! Ep. 15

4twge「 とらドラ! 」Episode 15: The Stars Are Far Away

Summary: Something seems to be bothering Kitamura and he has been acting a little off lately. With the upcoming presidential elections coming soon, he erupts in anger in the middle of a class discussion, refusing to run for the position and declaring that he’s quitting the student council, even though everyone thought that he was a shoo-in for the spot. The very next day, things turn for the worse as Kitamura is seen in front of the school causing a ruckus, with his new blonde hairdo. The teachers hold him in the interview room trying to calm him down and figure out why he’s been acting weird. Ryuuji’s homeroom teacher, Ms. Koigakubo, tries to get to the bottom of this and enlists the help of Kitamura’s closest friends, Ami, Ryuuji and Kano (the student council president). Ami and Ryuuji had no idea what has gotten into him. Kano also denies knowing the cause, adding that since Kitamurahas resigned from the council, she has nothing to do with him anymore. Something seemed wrong with the way Kano acted, as she also says that the teachers were “wasting their time on that idiot”.

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Shikabane Hime: Aka Ep. 13 [Season 1 Finale]

「 屍姫 」Episode 13: Funeral for a Contracted Priest

Summary: After the fight and Keisei’s death, everyone is in mourning as the death had affected everyone. Makina is deeply saddened by this, as she has a hard time coming to terms with what had happened during that night. The orphanage was also hurt, as the kids had lost a brotherly figure. A prayer is held at the main temple, performed by priests. Oori is seen there trying to come to terms with what had happened. Oori got informed that Keisei had gone on straight to heaven rather than become a Shikabane, which is a sign of relief to see him pass on with no regrets and no strong attachments left in the world.

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