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RIDEBACK Ep. 01 [Series Premiere]


Series Details – 「 RIDEBACK -ライドバック- (The Official Japanese Website) 」   

Studio: Madhouse   |   Genre: Mecha/Science Fiction   |   Episodes: 12 (scheduled)

1「 ライドバック 」Episode 01: Scarlet Rideback

Summary: Set in 2020, Rideback takes place during a future where a resistance movement, called the GGP, has taken control over the world. By using a new advanced weapon they developed, they were able to overpower the previous government with ease, as the difference in strength between the group and the government were comparable to an elephant fighting an ant.  Due to this incident, several problems arose from the incident, as restlessness and conflict can be seen in the world. None of this matters however to a certain Ogata Rin, the protagonist of this story. She is in the middle of her biggest ballet performance of her life. It also potentially proves to be her last as she suffers a severe ligament injury to her left ankle, stopping her short of her dream to surpass her deceased mother and become the best dancer in the world. After a childhood in which she idolizes and trains under close tutelage of her mother, everything changes for her due to this.

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