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In The Spotlight – 1UP’s The Grind [Blog]


I’d like to introduce in this section a site that I recently discovered and now love. It’s actually been up and running for a while now but I only managed to stumble upon it recently through a friend’s recommendation. The blog I’m referring to is 1UP’s very own RPG blog, The Grind.

After finding the blog, I’ve been constantly referring to it back and forth lately, since it is updated pretty often, with many great entries that has very interesting content. The range between the type of RPGs being discussed is also sure to help readers be more informed on genres they aren’t familiar with. This has certainly been the case for me, since after reading a couple of their entries, I’ve been really tempted to have a go at strategy RPG games, possibly making a start on Valkyria Chronicles, since it seems to be a very innovative title that breaks the usual conventions of the genre. It also helped that the game received glowing reviews from damn near every gaming publication and site out there, so the critical acclaim is already present. Not to mention the beautiful cell-shaded graphics……

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