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Karin Koizumi Coloring [WIP]


Can’t believe it’s been about 2+ weeks since my last blog post, it’s been quite a while. Been extremely busy in the real world lately, the university trimester is starting on the 2nd of March so I’ve been setting things up left and right so that I can start the year in peace. Buying things to bring back to the apartment, as well as starting to pack sure is tiring, as well as sorting out things to bring and leave at home. I’ve bought a lot of things in the past 4 months so  taking things back can be quite difficult, as I now have a new fender strat guitar to bring back as well, along with it’s behemoth of a case. So yea, that’s the update on my life lately. Moving back up on Sunday so I might not post a new entry until at least Wednesday, when I will hopefully get my internet connection up and running at the apartment.

Now enough about that, there are some positive things that have happened recently. I’ve got my tablet back so I can finally get back to colouring and submitting artwork on DA!!! It’s been at least 13 months since I last touched a tablet, let alone color something so I have been quite anxious to see how far my skills have deteriorated. That’s why I picked a nice cover from my fav manga, Eyeshield 21, and went off on a piece. I chose Karin cos she has got to be one of the hottest and sweetest female characters I have seen recently. The lack of coloured pieces and fanarts for her is damn appalling so I thought I should try to contribute more to her cause.

Here’s the Work-In-Progress I have at the moment. Keep in mind that I haven’t colored in a long while so yea, there might be some oddities here and there 😛

Hit the jump for the full WIP

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Eyeshield 21 314th + 315th Down

untitleed-1「 アイシールド21 」314th Down: I Love American Football 

Read Online at: ONEMANGA 

3rw「 アイシールド21 」315th Down: Pentagram

Read Online at: ONEMANGA  

#314 Summary: After Sena’s touchdown run which ended the last chapter, everything is flowing very smoothly for Japan. They are virtually unstoppable, as the Militaria soon find out. Gomery boasts that offense is the key point of Militaria’s game, and that they were going to win the game thanks to his superior build and speed. Hearing Gomery’s stats, Japan realizes that he is no match for the team, as he is still vastly inferior to their own aces. Showing them the speed of Shin and the power of Gaou in defense, Militaria soon realize that even with their Sergeant running on offense, they were still incapable of defeating Japan.

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Eyeshield 21 313th Down

fewf「 アイシールド21 」313th Down: Ambition

Read Online at: ONEMANGA

Summary: The results from the first round matches have finally been updated on the World Cup website and the team matchups in the second round are:

  • France VS Germany
  • Japan VS Militaria
  • Mexico VS Korea
  • India VS USA

After Agon’s shenanigans during the first match, the team is worried that he might intervene with the team line-up once more for his own gain. Hiruma knows this but he sees Agon as a very important piece to the team therefore they should get him to cooperate with them willingly rather than have him as an outcast. Agon seems to have other plans however as Sena and Suzuna see him sneak off somewhere to meet a girl. The two were suspicious of his actions and decided that they should do some snooping of their own and follow him, with Suzuna comparing themselves to famous detective manga characters Detective Conan and Kindaichi (which Sena found to be odd as usual =P)

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The Manga Hit List – Part I

Alright then, as I was saying yesterday, onto the manga list.

I have to say, most of the manga that I follow tend to be pretty popular among other otakus so you probably won’t be surprised with most of the entries. However, that means that they are quality reads, so you can’t complain either way. And there are a few lesser known ones in there so hopefully it can interest you enough to go and have a look ^_^

Out of this list, I will be looking to update a handful of them each week (around 4-5), since I reckon that weekly chapters will take less time to talk about when compared with anime (plus less work to do what with all the screenshots and all). So you’ll be seeing a few black and white images around here (although I will also be looking to pimp out artists who colour certain pages, especially from the Naruto fandom since they have a mad amount of brilliant artists. Who knows, I might be colouring a few of my very own)

Ok then, enough blabber. Hit the jump for part I of my manga list.

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