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Naruto ch. 436

1「-ナルト-」Chapter 436: Peace

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Summary: Picking up from last week, Inoichi has suddenly figured out where the real Pain might be hiding this whole time. He points out that during his investigation of Jiraiya’s captives, he found out that the Amagakure Ninjas had been transporting corpses to the highest tower in the village. Through his knowledge and experience of chakra channeling, he knows that in order for a ninja to transmit chakra at it’s best, it’s ideal for them to be as close to the recipient as possible. It’s also best if they were taking cover at higher grounds. There were rumors that Pain had been residing at that tall tower in Amagakure, so it is safe to assume that the real Pain would be channeling his chakra somewhere in or around Konoha, at the tallest point. With this new info, Inoichi, along with Shikamaru, Shikaku, Ino and Shiho, set off to find Pain in the surrounding area.

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Naruto ch. 433

11「-ナルト-」Chapter 433: Sage Technique Failure…!?

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Summary: Naruto’s sage mode has now run out due to his usage of the fuuton rasen shuriken and while he gets a breather, Shima suggests that she and Fukasaku go on and fuse with Naruto’s body, in order to prolong the sage mode. Fukasaku says that it is impossible, due to the Kyuubi’s chakra conflicting with their own, rejecting them out of his body. He does say that Naruto has figured out a way to overcome this disadvantage and told her that they will be doing that instead. God Realm Pain sees this opening and takes the opportunity to attack Naruto while he recuperates. Before Pain reaches Naruto however, Gamabunta stalls him by attacking him with his sword. Naruto takes the opportunity to take the giant scroll off his back, getting himself ready for the battle.

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Naruto ch. 431

332r「-ナルト-」Chapter 431: Naruto Erupts!

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Summary: Naruto is now face to face with Pain, who up to this point has been virtually unstoppable by the forces of Konoha. Naruto, who seems to be surprisingly calm despite seeing his village in disarray, requests Gamakichi to take Tsunade off to a safer place. He did not want to have any bystanders hurt during their battle and he would prefer to not worry about protecting the village as well as fighting Pain at the same time. Tsunade agrees to this and hands Katsuya over to Naruto, who she thinks will be very useful to Naruto as it contains healing qualities as well as having some inside intel on Pain’s different abilities. 

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The Manga Hit List – Part II

Hmmm….another update not long after the last? Does Bass not have a life? Well, technically you’re not wrong. I don’t. At least not at the moment. You see, I’m currently on a holiday break from uni. It’s pretty much my summer break and it lasts for 4 freakin months. That’s right. 4. Freakin. Months. I won’t even be back to class until March. And that is why I can spend so much time doing nothing.

Anyways, rants aside, before I update the manga list I would like to ask a question:

How and where do everyone get their anime from? I’ve been wondering for a while now and I would like to know where everyone gets their updates. Personally, I usually download off Bleach Exile, as they have very fast direct downloads. When that isn’t working (like right now), I use my premium rapidshare account that I share with a friend of mine from uni. Granted, it does not get updated to the minute but the speeds are really fast for me and subs get put on quick enough. Torrents are not an option unfortunately cos they are piss slow like 100% of the time. Even with a butt-load of seeds.

So yea, just wondering where everyone gets their anime. Feel free to post a comment and perhaps hit me up with a link if it’s a fast DDL 🙂

Ok, onto part II of the hit list. Now click on!!

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